Introduction of me getting shrimps

Introduction of me getting shrimps       I am just a newbie in shrimp keeping and is still learning. I first started keeping shrimps after seeing the shrimps in the pet store. I started on it a few months ago when my grandmothers were in Singapore visiting us.       Since I had started on raising the shrimps, I would not be able to give advice like a … Continue reading Introduction of me getting shrimps

Cat Haven Chapter 2

'italics' - thoughts"normal" - verbal speaking         ‘Urgh, what happened?’         I regained consciousness and found myself floating in the middle of an abyss. Silence filled the space since there is nothing around me, similar to the white room which I conversed with God in.         … Continue reading Cat Haven Chapter 2

Cat Haven Chapter 1

          The piercing wail of a crying baby penetrated the air around a modest mansion in the country of [Nekodia]. The monsters lurking within the miasma of the dark forest which bordered the mansion’s exterior wall immediately appeared out from their hiding place at the sound. The cry of the baby … Continue reading Cat Haven Chapter 1

Cat Haven Prologue part 1

8 p.m. at Paradize Gaming Company, a petite female figure was seen typing on her computer. Looking like a plain businesswoman wearing glasses with a small build, the girl focused on her computer and ignored the fact that it was late at night. Yes, that plain-looking person is me. Please allow me introduce myself. I … Continue reading Cat Haven Prologue part 1

Researching and planning

Researching        Like any person, I researched on the shrimps through the advices and tips posted online and YouTube. I looked through some basic the tank requirement, equipment and the shrimps themselves. For one of the common information I had gained, shrimps are hardy creatures that can live in any parameters you keep with your fishes. Though I … Continue reading Researching and planning